From strong swim technique to legs, hips and body position. This should build mobility in the water for changing directions to transitioning from horizontal to vertical, and vice versa.

Swim technique

  • Streamline 
  • Sail drill
  • Running man
  • long stroke/max reach/straight arm recovery
  • 3-kick breaststroke 
  • 4-4
  • 4-long 6-quick headup
  • 5 strokes focus left, 5 focus right headup

Sprint conditioning

  • Off the wall  4-6 strokes head down
  • Half lengthers, over the hips
  • relays
  • Add pullouts, push-ups and squats

Body position leg work

  • 5 quick 5 secs eggbeater, headup singular focus point
  • Lunge each stroke
  • Lunge every other, only when strong arm reaches
  • Skating, zigzag eggbeater, lunge, eggbeater reset/reload legs, arms stay in water
  • Lunge away, off arm brush off and eggbeater 6 to knee up/rise up and repeat
  • Feet first drifting/cycling, arms alternating push scull, top leg surfacing on reach
  • hipovers leading with feet squaring shoulders, full sequence build to blocking lunge with hand in the water attack ultimately adding lunge back crash to hole set
  • Attack lunge/ upslide, rise up, forward 45 degrees left, then eggbeater stabilize and repeat right. Always lung on off arm with strong shoulder back
  • Gut busters focusing on high knee and shooting legs out
  • somersults
  • off arm sculling only
  • quarter/half/full turns from vertical
  • side to vertical knees up
  • high 10s getting center of gravity high as you can before hitting it

Contact mobility

  • Quarter turns
    • set position
    • perimeter position
      • Using momentum against defense to get by
  • Set/postup leg kick out separation
  • eggbeater forward against flutter kick backward
  • facing eggbeater
  • same direction eggbeater 
    • offense in chair, defense on surface
      • strsight arm then pull chair
    • moving in facing direction offense prevents defense from gettin around corner
  • Counter attack stay in front and slow down
  • headup pull partner grabbing suit
  • Hand of defender leaning on off shoulder
    • end with strong knee to strong elbow rise up