This section is dedicated to goalie work. Note that it is a nod to simplifying for continuous improvement in increments. It derives mostly from Jack Bowen’s techniques: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_SiULTf_XM

Goalie Fundamentals – separate warm up, from conditioning, from fundamentals, build explosiveness


  • Dryland: legs, core, arms, hip flexibility, squats,
  • In water: slow swim with field players, then leg strokes, i.e. butterfly with breaststroke, lunge strokes, eggbeater with and without ball,


  • Alternating kicks – frog kick (high heels to backside), eggbeater, breaststroke kick, eggbeater, 15 secs on, 15 off
  • Broncos – short bursts (3 meters) as high and as fast as can move tiles failure, in all directions, in ready position while moving, forward, backward, each side, hands each with very narrow (tight) scull to prepare for faster reactions (light hands are hands that can react fast, not necessarily above water)
  • Fire walk – two hand goalie passing, rising up explosively for catch, then again for pass. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4FsEf1Er9Y
  • Heavy ball fire walk – catch coming up, bring down front, then explosive rise up to throw, all with hands dry. Can do with coach on deck, if no partner, moving sideways for progression. Do this later in season, after having done non-heavy ball for a bit first.If coach on deck, ensure goalie coming forward and not catching dropping hips and falling backward
  • Chairs – tight sculling only, no legs


  • Ready position – establish rate (RPM) and strength of eggbeater for ready-to-spring position, see Jack Bowen’s RPM video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckTiya0aSFs
  • Hands up spring, then hands up&together – breaking down proper light hand movement and knock down, core works more as drill progresses
  • High 10s – two hand high 5s coming forward to partner, avoids hip drop
  • EStep – goalie does step without ball, then shooting partner shoots to the same position, pointing ahead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w95Zlmw0dyQ&index=5&list=PLOivE_SFWoKUivY49o3WkmQS75-tuy6ce
  • Headers – establish proper body lunging for blocking, not “opening door” to cage i.e. body stays perpendicular to shooting direction. See first part of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_SiULTf_XM
  • 6-step – first with headers, 2 shots above head, 2 shots over each shoulder, 2 each corner, ready position when shooter puts hand on ball, after header, two-hand pulldowns for first four shots, then one handers for extreme corners, this can be done with small balls deflated
  • Leg reset “Canon ball run” – face goal, lunge left, then right, turn around and block left and right, knees come up and legs re-establish back to center of cage. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkgAG6r39pI&list=PLOivE_SFWoKUivY49o3WkmQS75-tuy6ce&index=3
  • Leg reset “Rapid Fire Tennis Ball” – similar drill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXzaWSgIA50
  • Inside 5-meters and set shots – raising hands as offense moves inside of 5, or hands up when ball comes into set and set reaches for ball. Think thumbs in ears, hands peripherally visible. For set shots take away, strong side, i.e. left for forehand, right for backhand/layout of righty
  • Lobs – Back to goal line, leading with hips and leg reach for lunge twice to lob side, in drill without ball
  • Skips – skip drill, training first with ball placed near and then out-of-position, with step to a stop with hand(s) smothering where ball hits for skip, alternating, first with easy ball placement, then from outside shooting position with shooter pointing where. Use easy-skip ball. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5dx0R_Rv9E


  • Block then swimpracticing high elbow swimming escape to side after blocking down into water, can lead to next drill
  • Passing outlet – long passes holding ball up high for 3 seconds moving forward, then holding point after pass


  • Shot blocker – adjusting shot blocker on strong side – “left”, “right”, helping 2M D with ball location, helping counter attack D with same
  • Hole Set D – when fronting especially, communicate where ball is, which side

Game prep

  • Warmup after easy swim, with eggbeater hands on ball just submerged 
  • Cage one step positions – with steps, e.g. ready right, up twice, step center, ready center, up twice, step left, ready left, up twice, step center, ready center, and so on.
  • Two step – two steps, skipping center, blocking longer pass to shoot, watch position of trailing hand, allowing it ready for cross-cage.